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Woman Sexually Harassed By Grab Driver, Asked Cheap Questions

Kuala Lumpur: A woman passenger has accused that she was harassed by a Grab cab driver by asking cheap and vulgar questions. The victim claimed that the driver not only asked about her breasts but also drove dangerously on a dark lit road. The incident took place when she was travelling to Cheras from Segambut.

In her instagram post she recounted the nightmare incident and said that the driver asked her “‘If you don’t mind I ask, your breasts real or implant?”, while looking in his rear-view mirror.

The 33-year-old further said that when she refused to talk and asked him to stop talking as well, the latter dangerously drove on the road and kept glancing at her through the rear-view mirror.

She stated that she thinks he was under the influence of something, as he bumped into a divider when she showed him her destination on phone.

She further said that such drivers should be banned from working around women and questioned what would have happened if she had passed out in the back seat or fallen asleep.

According to FMT, the Grab spokesman confirmed the allegations and said the company has a zero-tolerance policy for such incidents. Adding that the suspect would be either suspended or removed.

While any passenger facing a similar situation can use the “get emergency help” button for immediate help.