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Youth Parliamentarians Engage in Spirited Debates at the Youth Parliamentary Debathon 2023 in Malaysia: Report

Last Saturday, a lively scene unfolded as more than 100 young individuals, aged 16 to 25, converged on the Parliament premises in Malaysia. The occasion was the Youth Parliamentary Debathon 2023, an event that provided a platform for these youngsters to immerse themselves in a full day of fervent debating. Designed as a simulated parliamentary session, this gathering aimed to address significant national issues through spirited discourse.

As the morning sun cast its glow over the horizon, these enthusiastic participants arrived, demonstrating their dedication to engaging in meaningful discussions. Despite the event being a simulation, the participants approached it with remarkable zeal. From 9 a.m. to 6 p.m., the young debaters tackled four distinct topics. Their passion was evident as they passionately argued their points, occasionally pounding on tables and even jumping to their feet in the heat of the discussion. The atmosphere resembled that of an actual parliamentary session, with opinions clashing and voices resonating throughout.

Among the attendees was Fuziah Salleh, the Deputy Minister of Domestic Trade and Costs of Living. Her presence lent further authenticity to the event. She marveled at the intensity of the debates and drew parallels between the simulated setting and the real chambers of the parliament. In her words, “I had a truly enjoyable moment watching all of you (debaters) and imagining that one day you will actually be in the house. The rowdiness that was projected by the opposition really reminds me of what it’s like in the real chambers.”

As the day unfolded, various topics ignited the fervor of the debaters. With a commitment that mirrored genuine parliamentary sessions, these young minds explored pertinent issues that resonate with the nation. The dedication and enthusiasm displayed during the Youth Parliamentary Debathon 2023 highlighted the potential of these youths to one day become influential members of the actual parliamentary landscape.

Beyond the debates, this event offered a unique blend of education and experience. It allowed the participants to not only comprehend the intricacies of parliamentary proceedings but also to learn the art of effective communication and persuasive argumentation. The event further encouraged the youths to delve into critical thinking and develop a deep understanding of the issues affecting their country.

In conclusion, the Youth Parliamentary Debathon 2023 proved to be an enlightening and engaging platform for Malaysian youths to explore, discuss, and debate significant national issues. As they fervently participated in this mock parliamentary setting, their dedication and passion demonstrated the potential of the younger generation to shape the future of Malaysia’s political discourse.