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Zahid Hamidi Skips Court Hearing After Fall

UMNO Chief Ahmad Zahid Hamidi did not arrive at the court on Tuesday for his hearing of corruption charges due to a fall last week. Zahid’s lawyer informed the court that he had been hospitalised for his neck injury and the doctor told him to take bed rest. According to his lawyer, Zahid suffered a fall on 18 August but he was hospitalised on 22 August at Avisena Specialist Hospital in Shah Alam after the severe neck pain.

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Zahid’s lawyer Hisyam Teh Poh told the court of his absence, however, wished to proceed with the trial without him to avoid any further delay. But after a discussion, it was decided it wouldn’t be fair to move ahead in his absence as it would look like the court is denying his rights. 

According to the doctor’s letter, which was presented before the court, the UMNO chief suffered a fall and he could not even able to sit properly.

Hisyam explained that the defence does not want to delay the proceedings, however, the public prosecutor said he is concerned whether Zahid would want the trial to continue without him.

Zahid has been facing 47 corruption charges, including 27 counts of money laundering, 12 counts of criminal breach of trust, and 8 counts of bribery.