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Zakir Naik Seeking “Virtuous” Wife For His Son Via Facebook Ad

Islamic preacher Dr Zakir Naik is creating a buzz on social media as he took to Facebook in search of a wife for his son, Fariq Naik. Sharing Fariq’s lengthy resume, hr has also laid down a number of conditions for this. The post has garnered over 5,000 shares over the weekend. Zakir has specified that he is seeking a “virtuous Muslim girl of good character.”

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In his post, Zakir has described his son Fariq as a 27-year old wheatish complexion man, 170cm tall, who has strong Islamic inclination, of good character, humble, kind, and compassionate.

Among the ‘necessary qualities’ listed for the girl is that she must be willing to settle in Malaysia. Zakir said he wants his daughter-in-law to be virtuous and passionate about the art of proselytism. He said she must be passionate about spreading the teachings of Islam.

Zakir also mentioned that she must be willing to support and encourage her husband Fariq in proselytism (Da’wah) activities—-one of the necessary qualities that he is looking for is that she should be able to propagate Islam to non-Muslims.

Zakir has also listed his son’s achievements and qualities, which include that he assists his father in his Da’wah activities. He is also the recipient of the first prize in the ‘international Da’wah training programme,’ which was conducted by Zakir Naik.

Zakir Naik is among the most wanted people in India on charges of terror financing, hate speech, inciting communal hatred, and money laundering. Earlier, in March he launched Al Hidaayah (Halal version of Netflix), which provides educational content about Islam.