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Zoo Negara Reopens From Today

Zoo Negara has reopened its doors to the public from today onward and is also offering a 20% discount on ticket prices on Friday. Zoo Negara deputy president Rosly Rahmat Ahmat Lana said they are eagerly waiting for the visitors. He stated that the tickets will be sold online and that most animal exhibits will be open for viewing. 

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Visitors are advised to follow standard operating procedures such as wearing face masks at all times and practicing social distancing and personal hygiene, including using hand sanitisers.

Tickets are usually priced at RM18 for children under 12 years of age, RM23 for senior citizens and RM45 for adults, and RM88 for foreigners. However, today visitors will enjoy a 20% discount on each ticket. 

Rosly also announced that the zoo is offering unlimited access to the zoo for three months next year, starting from January 2022 until March 2022 to the first 500 visitors. 

Zoo Negara has also added a new giant panda cub, which was born in May this year. Rosly said that the Zoo now has four giant pandas in the exhibit including the new cub.