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12.12: The Day” Surges to Sixth Place in Korean Box Office History : Report

In a remarkable cinematic feat, “12.12: The Day” has carved its name in Korean cinema history by becoming the sixth most-watched Korean film at the box office. As of January 25, the film, delving into the tumultuous aftermath of President Park Chung Hee’s 1979 assassination, has captivated 12,984,746 moviegoers, solidifying its status as the top-grossing Korean release of 2023. This achievement surpasses the iconic 2012 blockbuster “The Thieves” and positions the historical drama among the top ten most-watched movies ever screened in South Korea.

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Record-Breaking Run:

“12.12: The Day” extends its dominance, setting a new record as the most-watched Korean film of 2023.

Top Six Standing:

Surpassing the acclaimed “The Thieves,” the film secures the sixth position in the annals of Korean box office history.

Global Impact:

In a testament to its universal appeal, “12.12: The Day” also claims the ninth spot among all movies screened in South Korea, including international releases.

Trailblazing Cast:

Starring Hwang Jung Min, Jung Woo Sung, Lee Sung Min, and more, the film’s stellar ensemble contributes to its widespread acclaim.

With its current trajectory, “12.12: The Day” eyes further milestones, poised to potentially surpass the next contender, “Veteran,” in the ranks of all-time Korean box office hits. The film’s compelling narrative and stellar performances continue to resonate, marking a cinematic triumph for South Korea.