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Queenzy Cheng Malaysian Start Passed Away On Set After Complaining Sudden Uneasiness

Prominent Malaysian songstress Queenzy Cheng passed away unexpectedly on Tuesday (Nov 28) at the age of 37.

According to sources, the renowned M-Girls member, celebrated for her numerous Chinese New Year albums, was filming a segment for the YouTube channel Crew Sekawan on Tuesday morning (Nov 28) when she suddenly complained of a severe headache.

Subsequently, she began to vomit either bile or saliva, and her complexion turned a shade of purple.

The team promptly called for an ambulance while Queenzy Cheng, still conscious at that point, shared her smartphone password to enable them to contact her boyfriend. He later stated that his girlfriend had always enjoyed good health.

Regrettably, by the time the ambulance arrived, Queenzy Cheng had lapsed into unconsciousness and could not be revived. She was declared deceased just 40 minutes after expressing her distress.

queenzy cheng

Fans were shocked to learn about the sudden demise of Queenzy, who appeared cheerful and healthy in an Instagram story with the Crew Sekawan group just the day before.

Actor Chai Zi, who was present on set with Queenzy Cheng, informed reporters that everything seemed normal when he saw her earlier in the morning, and the filming of the first episode had gone smoothly.

It was only when they were gearing up to start the second episode that the actress revealed she wasn’t feeling well.

“After news of her demise surfaced on her virtual platform, online users turned to the digital realm to express their condolences, including her former bandmate, Diamond Ong. She shared their final photograph together with the caption, “I can’t believe you’re gone.”

Angeline Khoo, also a member of M-Girls, posted a closed Instagram story, mentioning that she wouldn’t be sharing anything that night due to personal reasons.

The comments section witnessed condolences from Singapore-based Malaysian actress Sora Mama, who expressed her grief with a crying emoji. Malaysian actress and Titoudao star Koe Yeet stated, “Heaven gained an angel today. We miss you.”

Last night, members of M-Girls attended Queenzy’s wake. Cass Jaw shared a series of photos on Facebook featuring the remaining members beside Queenzy’s special memorial. They struck poses with finger hearts and sent kisses to the camera.

Fans flocked to the comments section to leave their condolences, with one netizen writing, “Love you forever, M-Girls.”

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