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Aaliyah Kashyap Shares Personal Struggles with Weight Gain Caused by Antidepressants: Report

Aaliyah Kashyap, the well-known personality, recently opened up about her personal battle with weight gain attributed to antidepressant medication. In a candid revelation, she discussed the challenges she faced while dealing with the side effects of these medications. This brave disclosure sheds light on the lesser-known impacts of mental health treatment, emphasizing the importance of awareness and support for individuals navigating similar journeys.

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Aaliyah Kashyap and her fiancé, Shane Gregoire, opened up about their insecurities and body image issues in the latest episode of their podcast, ‘Opposites Attract.’ Aaliyah revealed that she’s currently struggling with her weight and emphasized the detrimental impact of such insecurities on mental health.

Aaliyah, who had always been naturally skinny with a high metabolic rate, expressed her desire to gain weight in the past. However, she noted that despite her efforts, she couldn’t put on pounds, similar to her mother’s experience when she was younger.

Two years ago, Aaliyah began taking antidepressants, and this is when her weight gain journey began. She shared that she has gained approximately 12 to 13 kilograms in the last year and a half, a significant change from her previous body type. While she initially welcomed the weight gain, it soon became overwhelming.

Aaliyah mentioned that the continuous increase in weight led to an unhealthy relationship with food, adversely affecting her mental health. People started commenting on her weight, further intensifying her struggles. She recounted an incident when a massage therapist commented on her weight, which reduced her to tears.
In conclusion, Aaliyah Kashyap’s candid revelations highlight the importance of not commenting on someone’s weight, as one never truly knows their internal battles and relationship with their body. Her story sheds light on the complex interplay between mental health, medication, and body image issues.