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Actor Kim Min Jae Enlists in the Military with Gratitude Towards Fans: Report

Agency said in it’s statement that korean actor  ‘Kim Min Jae’ join up in the army today, who is a genius actor and niw he will honestly perfom his military service as well. Agency asked to his fans to pray for his good health and return back after completing his service as a military6 person. Kim also posted  a letter in his fan page showed his gratitude towards his fans for all love and support.

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Actor Kim Min Jae is set to fulfill his mandatory military service as he officially enlists in the military. This decision was confirmed by his agency, which stated, “Kim Min Jae will enlist in the military today. We ask for your warm support and encouragement for Kim Min Jae, who will faithfully perform his duties and return in good health.”

The actor had previously expressed his heartfelt gratitude to his fans through an official letter posted on his fan cafe. He shared his appreciation for the unwavering support he has received from his dedicated fan base. Additionally, it was revealed that Kim Min Jae will serve in the military band after completing his basic military training.

This news follows the trend of South Korean celebrities fulfilling their mandatory military service obligations, demonstrating their commitment to their country. Kim Min Jae’s decision to join the military band also reflects his dedication to contributing his talents to the armed forces.

We wish Kim Min Jae the best of luck during his military service and look forward to his return in good health, continuing to entertain and captivate audiences with his acting skills.