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Beyonce’s Mother Defends Tiffany Campaign Amid ‘Blood Diamond’

Beyonce has been under fire for wearing the iconic yellow diamond necklace for her Tiffany & Co ‘About Love’ campaign. Beyonce’s mother Tina Knowles has come out to defend her daughter against online trolls.

Beyonce and her boyfriend Jay Z have been under heavy criticism lately for wearing 128 carats Tiffany Yellow Diamond, which was mined from South Africa in the colonial era. She is the only woman among three others to wear the iconic piece of jewellery. 

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However, internet users did not like the singer collaborating with the brand. Amid blood diamonds and the exploitation of African workers, netizens have expressed their disappointment in her for wearing the diamond which was stolen from her land. 

However, Tina Knowles could not hold it any longer and jumps to the couple’s defence. She said that many of the users were commenting without having any knowledge of where the diamond came from. while hoping that they exchange sterling silver bands instead of diamonds at their wedding. 

She asked the trollers to check the origin of every diamond they own or not buy diamonds because of their righteousness. Beyonce and Jay Z were able to make Tiffany donate $2million to Historically Black Colleges and Universities  in return for their campaign