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BLACKPINK Members Opt Out of Individual Solo Contracts with YG Entertainment

On December 29, 2023, YG Entertainment announced the renewal of BLACKPINK’s group contracts while revealing the decision to not extend individual agreements for solo projects. This surprising move coincided with Jennie’s confirmation of launching her solo activities under the new label OA (ODD ATELIER). This strategic shift underscores BLACKPINK’s dedication to group unity while affording members the freedom to pursue independent ventures, marking a noteworthy evolution in their career trajectory.

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On December 29, 2023, YG Entertainment disclosed that while all BLACKPINK members renewed their contracts for group endeavors, they decided not to extend their individual agreements for solo pursuits. This move follows Jennie’s earlier revelation about the launch of her solo activities under a new label, OA (ODD ATELIER).

1. Group Contract Renewal:

All four BLACKPINK members recently committed to renewing their contracts with YG Entertainment, solidifying their dedication to group endeavors.

2. Exclusion of Individual Contracts:

In an unexpected turn, the group members opted not to renew their individual contracts with YG Entertainment for solo ventures outside of BLACKPINK.

3. Jennie’s Solo Venture:

Prior to the official announcement, Jennie personally confirmed the establishment of her own label, OA (ODD ATELIER), signaling her pursuit of solo activities.

This decision marks a significant shift in the trajectory of BLACKPINK’s career dynamics, emphasizing their commitment to group cohesion while allowing individual members the autonomy to explore independent ventures.