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BLACKPINK’s Lisa Launches Her Own Agency, LLOUD

BLACKPINK’s Lisa has taken a bold step in her career by venturing into entrepreneurship with the launch of her very own artist management company. This significant announcement was made by Lisa herself on February 8 via her Instagram platform. With the establishment of LLOUD, Lisa not only demonstrates her entrepreneurial spirit but also asserts her vision for the future of music and entertainment. Let’s delve deeper into this groundbreaking move and its implications for Lisa’s career trajectory.

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Lisa’s Vision for LLOUD:

In her Instagram announcement, Lisa introduced LLOUD as more than just a label—it’s a platform to materialize her unique vision in music and entertainment. She invites her fans and followers to join her on this transformative journey, emphasizing a commitment to breaking boundaries and exploring new creative frontiers. Through LLOUD, Lisa aims to foster innovation and authenticity, promising to redefine industry standards and produce genre-defying music.

LLOUD’s Mission Statement:

On the official LLOUD website, the label’s mission is articulated with clarity. LLOUD describes itself as an artist management company fueled by passion, dedicated to curating experiences that transcend conventional genres and appeal to diverse generations. Grounded in relentless innovation and unwavering authenticity, LLOUD pledges not only to push boundaries but also to redefine them entirely. The label envisions crafting chart-topping hits and pioneering music that defies categorization.

Balancing Group and Solo Activities:

Despite her solo venture, Lisa remains dedicated to her commitments with BLACKPINK. All four members of the group have renewed their contracts with YG Entertainment for collective endeavors. This means that while YG Entertainment will continue to manage Lisa’s group activities with BLACKPINK, her solo pursuits will be overseen by her newly established agency, LLOUD. This strategic arrangement allows Lisa to explore her individual artistic endeavors while honoring her commitments to the immensely popular K-pop group.


The launch of LLOUD represents a significant milestone in Lisa’s career, showcasing her entrepreneurial spirit and ambition as an artist. With LLOUD, Lisa is poised to revolutionize the music industry, pushing creative boundaries and delivering groundbreaking music to her fans worldwide. As she embarks on this new chapter, the future looks bright for Lisa and LLOUD, promising innovative projects and boundary-breaking music that will leave a lasting impact on the industry.

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