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BTS’ Namjoon Opens Up About His Feelings and Upcoming Solo Projects : Report

BTS’ leader, Namjoon, recently shared his thoughts and insights on his emotions and upcoming solo ventures. In a candid interview, he discussed his feelings and artistic aspirations. Fans eagerly anticipate his solo projects, which promise to showcase his unique talents. Namjoon’s openness about his creative journey has created excitement among BTS enthusiasts, who look forward to his future endeavors.

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BTS member Kim Namjoon, known as RM, recently went live on Weverse, interacting with fans and addressing topics related to his mental health and relationship status. During the session, he expressed his feelings about the group and hinted at upcoming solo projects.

In the live session, a fan mentioned missing the group, to which RM empathetically responded, “I do too.” He went on to share his sentiments, saying, “I felt devastated and so tired of all those stuff.” This candid discussion highlighted the emotional toll that their demanding schedules and responsibilities can take on the members of the world-renowned boy band, BTS.
Additionally, RM gave his fans something to look forward to as he hinted at working on something new. He stated, “I am actually getting ready for something new,” which sparked excitement and anticipation among BTS fans, known as ARMY.

Following the live session, the BTS fandom quickly took to social media to share clips and snippets from RM’s video, showcasing their unwavering support and enthusiasm for the group and their individual projects.

This open and heartfelt interaction between RM and ARMY underscores the strong bond between BTS and their fans while also shedding light on the challenges and emotions that can come with their immense success in the music industry.