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“Real Women Own Curves, Stretchmarks”: Camila Cabello Blasts Body Shamers With Strong Message

Being a celebrity often puts you on the direct radar of trollers. However, Cinderella star Camila Cabello is not one to shy away from snapping back. She took to TikTok to clap back at trolls who criticized her body.

Cabello has been the subject of body-shaming lately, after a photo of her enjoying at a beach in Miami with boyfriend Shawn Mendes went viral. Soon after, she shared an inspiring message of body positivity with her followers through a TikTok video that went viral in no time. 

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In the video, she hits back at trolls and body shamers saying that real women own curves, cellulite, and stretch marks. Camilo said that while sharing the video she felt empowered, and how the experience has taught her to celebrate her body. 

She revealed that after sharing the video she received a heartwarming response as many approached her saying they could connect to it. In the video, she has expressed how grateful she is for her body and flaws.