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Comedian Kim Ki Lee and Actress Moon Ji In Announce Upcoming Nuptials in May : Report

Actor and comedian Kim Ki Lee, famed for “Gag Concert” and acclaimed dramas, is set to marry actress Moon Ji In in May. The couple, opting for an intimate celebration in Seoul, revealed a shared mindset and connection. Kim Ki Lee’s journey from comedy to a flourishing acting career, along with Moon Ji In’s rising star status on “Shooting Stars,” sets the stage for their union. Their commitment to a harmonious mindset, expressed in heartfelt quotes, promises a promising and enduring journey together.

Raed This News In Detail

In a heartwarming revelation, actor and comedian Kim Ki Lee, known for his roles in “Gag Concert” and acclaimed dramas like “Bravo My Life,” is set to tie the knot with actress Moon Ji In. The couple, whose wedding is scheduled for May, shared their joy, expressing a shared mindset and sincere connection. As they embark on this new chapter, let’s delve into the details of their upcoming union.

Love Blossoms: A Private Ceremony in Seoul

Kim Ki Lee’s agency, Media Lab Siso, and Moon Ji In’s agency, Sim Story, jointly disclosed the couple’s plans for a private wedding ceremony in Seoul. Despite their public profiles, the duo is opting for an intimate celebration, emphasizing the personal nature of their union.

Kim Ki Lee: From Gag Concert to a Prominent Acting Career

Known for his comedic prowess on KBS’s “Gag Concert,” Kim Ki Lee has seamlessly transitioned into a noteworthy acting career. His impressive portfolio includes standout performances in dramas such as “Liver or Die,” “Please Don’t Date Him,” and “Hello, Me!” The marriage announcement adds a delightful twist to the actor’s life journey.

Moon Ji In: Rising Star on “Shooting Stars”

Moon Ji In, recognized for her recent contributions to SBS’s variety show “Shooting Stars,” has captivated audiences with her talent and charisma. As she steps into matrimony, her vibrant on-screen presence merges with a new role as a partner to Kim Ki Lee, emphasizing the couple’s commitment to sharing a common mindset.

A Shared Vision: Quotes from the Couple

Expressing his joy, Kim Ki Lee stated, “I am extremely happy to have met someone with whom I can look together in the same direction with the same mindsets.” Moon Ji In echoed these sentiments, emphasizing that Kim Ki Lee is a person who genuinely cares for her. Their shared commitment to maintaining a harmonious mindset sets the foundation for a promising journey together.

This heartening announcement adds a chapter to the love story of Kim Ki Lee and Moon Ji In, bringing together two talented individuals in a union that promises shared dreams and enduring companionship.