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Contrasting Worlds Collide in ‘Queen of Tears’ Teasers: Kim Soo Hyun and Kim Ji Won Navigate Awkward Dinners with In-Laws” : Report

tvN’s “Queen of Tears,” penned by renowned writer Park Ji Eun, explores the love story of Baek Hyeon Woo (Kim Soo Hyun) and his wife Hong Hae In (Kim Ji Won). Teasers reveal the contrasting worlds of opulent dining in Queens Group and the heartwarming atmosphere of the Yongduri family. The series promises humor and challenges as the couple navigates through these distinct environments, offering viewers a unique and engaging storyline.

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tvN’s upcoming drama, “Queen of Tears,” promises a mix of miracles, thrills, and humor in the love story of Baek Hyeon Woo (played by Kim Soo Hyun), the legal director of Queens Group, and his wife Hong Hae In (Kim Ji Won), known as the “queen” of Queens Group’s department stores.

Penned by renowned writer Park Ji Eun, the series unveils contrasting family dynamics through newly released teasers. The stark differences in meal scenes between the upscale Queens Group and the homely Yongduri family set the stage for the couple’s challenges.

Queens Group’s Lavish Dining Experience:

The teaser reveals the opulent dining of the Queens Group, portraying a luxurious atmosphere and fine dining befitting Korea’s greatest chaebol family. Baek Hyeon Woo expresses accusation, hinting at emotional turmoil, stating, “You said you would never make me cry.” The accompanying poster emphasizes his status as the “Supermarket prince left to Queens Group.”

Yongduri Family’s Heartwarming Meal:

In contrast, the Yongduri family’s meal exudes warmth and homeliness. Bathed in a comforting light, the teaser showcases a heartwarming atmosphere as they prepare an elaborate meal for their daughter-in-law. However, Hong Hae In appears lost and uncomfortable, emphasizing the clash between the two worlds. The poster dubs her as “Queens Group’s Queen dropped in Yongduri.”

Navigating Uncomfortable Dynamics:

The teasers highlight Hong Hae In’s discomfort and confusion in the Yongduri family setting. While Baek Hyeon Woo embraces the hearty meal, she sits stiffly in formal attire, surrounded by family members in comfortable clothing. The contrasting environments promise a series filled with humor and challenges as the couple endeavors to navigate their way through two distinct worlds, providing viewers with a unique and engaging storyline in “Queen of Tears.”