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Donny Osmond Reveals He Was Temporarily Paralyzed After 2019′ Surgery

US singer Donny Osmond has revealed that he was temporarily paralyzed after he underwent neck and back surgery in 2019. He opened up about his hardships at the time in an interview. Donny, 63, said his arms and legs had gone numb after the surgery. He revealed that he did not talk about his problem and kept dancing.

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Donny Osmond said that doctors told him his spine had displaced due to previous dance injuries and would need to undergo surgery. However, when he was at his home in Utah, he discovered that he had contracted a secondary infection and was unable to move. 

When asked if he thought he’d never walk again, he said, “Oh sure, absolutely. It absolutely crossed my mind. But i just didn’t take no for an answer.” He revealed that for a while he could only walk with the use of a walking frame and was worried that he was permanently paralysed.

Opening up about his year-long struggle, the singer thanked the “faith, hard work and positive thinking” and the efforts of the doctors who helped him. Donny is currently performing a solo Las Vegas residency at Harrah’s.