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Drake’s Latest Song Sparks Controversy in Singapore Over Lyrics : Report

Drake’s newest track has ignited a stir in Singapore due to its contentious lyrics. The song’s content has raised concerns and led to discussions about artistic expression and cultural sensitivity in the city-state. The controversy has prompted a broader conversation about the intersection of music, culture, and societal norms.

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Canadian rapper and singer Drake has ignited controversy in Singapore with lyrics from his latest song “Drew A Picasso,” in his eighth studio album, “For All The Dogs,” released recently. In the song, the 36-year-old artist raps, “Artists hittin’ on you, broke as f**, I swear them n** probably live in Singapore.” This line has drawn mixed reactions on social media.

One Twitter user pointed out the discrepancy, highlighting that Singapore ranks fifth in GDP per capita, while Canada is in the 18th place. Another user questioned why Drake chose one of the richest countries in Asia to be mentioned in his song.

The controversy stems from the perception that Drake’s lyrics may unfairly stereotype artists in Singapore as financially struggling. However, this observation isn’t entirely baseless, as a Glassdoor research report indicates that artists in Singapore earn an average of S$6,050 (RM20,911) monthly. The income for artists in Singapore varies, with salaries ranging between S$675 (RM2,331) and S$8,250 (RM28,515).

It’s worth noting that Drake recently announced that he would be taking a break from music to focus on recurring stomach issues. This controversy adds another layer to his career, which has often been marked by bold lyrics and public scrutiny.