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Dwayne Johnson Is Surprised. Courtesy: His Lookalike

Actor Dwayne Johnson has responded to an image of a Lieutenant from US’ Alabama who looks just like him. The Rock caught wind of the Alabama Cop who went viral for lookalike, offering to catch up with the man one day to drink tequila and exchange stories.

Lieutenant Eric Fields from the Morgan country Sheriff’s office in Alabama carries a very strong resemblance to Dwayne Johnson. The Jumanji actor reacted on Twitter, ”Oh Sh**! Wow” and shared his hope to meet with the man someday and listen to his Rock stories.

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Dwayne’s reaction came days after many people shared Eric’s striking look-alike to The Rock actor.
Eric Fields, who looked similar to Johnson, has worked for 17 years for the Morgan Country Sheriff’s office. In a local TV interview, Feilds said his friends and colleagues had joked that he looks like The Rock but it was not until someone took a picture of him that got a look-a-like craze. He said if opportunity ever came up, he would be open to perform stunt work for The Rock.
On a different note, the Disney has recently announced the Jungle Cruise 2, which will bring Dwayne and Emily Blunt in the lead roles.
Dwayne Johnson will also appear in Netflix’s Red Notice as he is lined up to act in Black Adam in year 2022.