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Emotional Script Reading Unveils Stellar Cast Performances for ENA’s Anticipated Drama ‘Midnight Studio’: Report

“Midnight Studio” not only explores the challenges faced by its characters but also delves into the intricate dynamics of a photo studio that operates exclusively during the night. The series weaves together the personal and professional struggles of its characters, creating a tapestry of emotions, aspirations, and the mysterious allure of a studio that blurs the lines between the living and the departed. With director Song Hyun Wook and scriptwriter Kim Ah Rang at the helm, the drama aims to deliver a poignant and memorable viewing experience for audiences eagerly anticipating its premiere.

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ENA’s upcoming drama, ‘Midnight Studio,’ unveils the emotional depth behind its scenes as the cast, including Joo Won, Kwon Nara, and Yoo In Soo, partake in a heartfelt script reading. Set to premiere soon, the series promises a compelling narrative intertwined with the struggles and aspirations of its characters.”

Joo Won’s Dynamic Portrayal:

Actor Joo Won takes on the role of Seo Ki Joo, the passionate photographer and seventh boss of the midnight studio. Despite aspiring for work-life balance, his character grapples with a curse, standing at the poignant crossroads between life and death.

Kwon Nara’s Transformative Performance:

Kwon Nara steps into the shoes of lawyer Han Bom, facing economic hardships after resigning from her once successful position. During the script reading, Nara’s immersion in the role is evident as she sheds tears, showcasing a passionate commitment that raises anticipation for her compelling portrayal.

Yoo In Soo’s Energetic Persona:

Yoo In Soo breathes life into the character of Assistant Manager Go, a ghost working at the photo studio exclusively open at night. With vibrant energy, In Soo injects vitality into the set, embodying the unique essence of his third-year ghost character.

Ensemble Cast:

Eum Moon Suk takes on the role of new employee Baek Nam Goo, Lee Bom Sori plays the close friend Kim Ji Won, and Kim Young Ok brings warmth to the character of Han Bom’s grandmother, So Geum Soon. Together, this ensemble cast promises a captivating and emotionally charged narrative in “Midnight Studio.”