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ENAs ‘Midnight Studio’ Teases Eerie Allure as Joo Won, Kwon Nara, Yoo In Soo, and Eum Moon Suk Extend Welcome to Ghostly Clients : Report

ENA’s “Midnight Studio” teases a thrilling blend of mystery and chills as it unfolds in a photo studio exclusively for the departed. Protagonists Seo Ki Joo, a stern photographer, and Han Bom, a passionate lawyer, lead a team navigating the complexities of handling spectral guests. The teaser unveils a nightly realm defying time, offering refuge to desperate souls. The quartet, with unique roles, promises a captivating series with an intriguing promise: “Welcome, honored guest. We’ll take your photo now.”

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ENA’s upcoming series, “Midnight Studio,” promises a captivating blend of mystery and thrills. Set in a photo studio that exclusively caters to the departed, the show revolves around Seo Ki Joo, a stern photographer, and Han Bom, an impassioned lawyer.

The newly released teaser provides a glimpse into the enigmatic world of the studio, where desperate souls seek refuge. As the doors swing open, a trio led by Joo welcomes ghostly visitors, each with a unique role in capturing the final moments of those lingering in the afterlife.

A Nightly Realm for the Departed

The teaser introduces viewers to a photo studio that defies the boundaries of time, operating exclusively under the cover of darkness. Only those with a profound need gain entry, setting the stage for a mysterious narrative that blurs the lines between life and death.

A Unique Team of Ghost Handlers

Within the eerie confines of the studio, a peculiar team takes center stage. Seo Ki Joo, the stoic photographer, is joined by Assistant Manager Ko and rookie Baek Nam Goo. Together, they navigate the complexities of dealing with spectral guests, each assigned distinct tasks that contribute to the final photographic ritual for the departed.
Legal Counsel in the Afterlife

As the story unfolds, lawyer Han Bom partners with Seo Ki Joo, adding a legal dimension to the spectral encounters. The unlikely quartet, united by their shared responsibilities, showcases remarkable chemistry in their unique roles. The teaser concludes with an intriguing promise as the crew declares, “Welcome, honored guest. We’ll take your photo now,” leaving viewers eager to explore the depths of this supernatural journey.