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Hwang In Yeop, Jung Chaeyeon, and Bae Hyun Sung Join Forces in Upcoming Romance Drama ‘Family by Choice’

In a thrilling announcement on December 13, 2023, it was officially revealed that Hwang In Yeop, Jung Chaeyeon, and Bae Hyun Sung will unite in JTBC’s eagerly awaited romantic drama, “Family by Choice.” The storyline follows three individuals, bonded not by blood but by shared adolescence, reuniting after a decade. With a mysterious character, a warm-hearted heroine, and a dedicated basketball player, the drama promises a heartfelt exploration of enduring connections. “Family by Choice” is poised to deliver a captivating blend of romance and genuine storytelling.

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In a delightful announcement on December 13, 2023, it has been officially confirmed that the talented trio—Hwang In Yeop, Jung Chaeyeon, and Bae Hyun Sung—are set to grace the screens together in JTBC’s highly anticipated romantic drama, “Family by Choice” .

The Plot Unveiled:

“Family by Choice” promises an engaging narrative, weaving a heartwarming romance as three individuals, not bound by blood but connected through a shared adolescence, reunite after a decade.

Character Descriptions:

Hwang In Yeop as Kim San Ha:

Portraying the dashing Kim San Ha, Hwang In Yeop’s character is shrouded in mystery, surrounded by circumstances he cannot disclose. Viewers eagerly await how he will bring to life this enigmatic character, who returns after a 10-year hiatus.

Jung Chaeyeon as Yoon Joo Won:

Jung Chaeyeon steps into the shoes of Yoon Joo Won, an optimistic and strong character who considers Kim San Ha and Kang Hae Joon as her family. The audience can anticipate being captivated by Jung Chaeyeon’s portrayal of the warm and lovable Yoon Joo Won.

Bae Hyun Sung as Kang Hae Joon:

Bae Hyun Sung’s character, Kang Hae Joon, is described as adorable and bright, facing challenges at a young age. His passionate dedication to basketball to repay Yoon Joo Won’s father adds an intriguing layer to the narrative, heightening anticipation for Bae Hyun Sun’s performance.

The Message Behind the Drama:

The production team shares that “Family by Choice” carries a heartwarming message—that small and joyful memories accumulate to shape affectionate adults. The drama is poised to offer a realistic portrayal of the trio’s unshakeable bond, defying societal opinions.

Anticipation Builds:

As the stage is set for a tale of love, friendship, and chosen family, viewers are urged to stay tuned for the riveting performances of the lead actors. “Family by Choice” is expected to leave an indelible mark with its exploration of the profound connections that endure through time.


With a stellar cast, an intriguing plot, and a powerful underlying message, “Family by Choice” is gearing up to be a must-watch drama that will undoubtedly resonate with audiences seeking a blend of romance and heartfelt storytelling.