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IVE’s An Yu Jin to Enchant Audiences with Korean Version of “This Wish” for Disney’s “Wish” Film’s Special Collaboration

IVE’s An Yu Jin is set to lend her captivating voice to “This Wish,” the main soundtrack for Disney’s 100th-anniversary film, “Wish.” The movie follows Asha’s brave journey in the magical realm of Rosas. An Yu Jin’s pure vocals convey the emotional depth as Asha confronts King Magnifico’s deceitful wish-granting. The music video teaser hints at the enchanting world, with the film premiering in South Korean theaters on January 3, 2024. Disney’s historic celebration promises a magical experience for viewers.


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Yu Jin Selection For “The Wish”

An Yu Jin from IVE has been chosen to lend her captivating voice to the main soundtrack, “This Wish,” for Disney’s monumental 100th-anniversary film, “Wish.” The film unfolds the tale of Asha, a brave young girl in the magical realm of Rosas, as she, alongside a living magic star, confronts the formidable King Magnifico.

” The Wish” Deceitful Wish- Granting

“This Wish” captures the emotional moment when Asha, having discovered King Magnifico’s deceitful wish-granting, expresses her yearning upon a star. An Yu Jin is poised to embody Asha’s spirit with her pure and resonant vocals, embodying the dreams and determination of the character.

Narration Of Movie

An Yu Jin, a member of the popular group IVE, has been selected to sing “This Wish,” the main soundtrack for Disney’s upcoming 100th-anniversary film, “Wish.” The movie narrates the courageous journey of Asha, a young girl residing in the enchanting kingdom of Rosas. Teaming up with a living magic star, Asha takes on the powerful King Magnifico, uncovering the deceptive methods behind his wish-granting abilities.

“This Wish” serves as a pivotal moment in the storyline, capturing Asha’s distress as she wishes upon a star after unraveling the truth about King Magnifico’s actions. An Yu Jin’s clear and pure voice is expected to beautifully convey the essence of dreams and the unwavering determination of the character.

Enthusiasm Among Fans

The teaser for the music video (MV) is already generating excitement among fans, offering a glimpse into the enchanting world of “Wish” and An Yu Jin’s portrayal of Asha. The film is scheduled to premiere in South Korean theaters on January 3, 2024, promising a magical experience for audiences.

Stay tuned for the highly anticipated release of An Yu Jin’s special collaboration music video and soundtrack, adding an extra layer of enchantment to Disney’s historic 100th-anniversary celebration.