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Jackie Chan Wants To Join Chinese Communist Party: Report

Actor Jackie Chan has expressed his willingness to join China’s sole political party – Communist Party of China (CPC). The vetran actor made these comments at a political function in the capital Beijing last week. Hong Kong superstar Jackie Chan, who has worked in more than 100 films, said that he is a ‘proud Chinese’ and always wanted to become a part of the CPC. The report comes amid the tension between Hong Kongers and Chinese security forces over various issues, including the stringent Hong Kong security law.

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Hong Kong action actor Jackie Chan has said that he wanted to join the CPC—China’s only governing political party. Chinese government’s mouthpiece the Global Times has reported that Chan said that he was impressed by the resilience and spirits of the Eighth Route Army, the military force that, under the leadership of the CPC.

Praising the CPC, he said that the party will deliver what it says.
Recently, China had celebrated its 100th anniversary of CPC, showing the rise of China under various communist leaders in the last hundred years. Many people, especially Hong Kongers did not like Jackie Chan’s comment on joining the CPC.