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Jang Nara and Son Ho Jun Delight Fans in Live Viki Interview Discussing “My Happy Ending” Reunion : Report

Beloved stars Jang Nara and Son Ho Jun, known for their chemistry in “Go Back Couple,” reunited in a heartwarming live interview on Rakuten Viki. Revisiting their on-screen magic after six years in “My Happy Ending,” they praised each other’s acting. The global interaction, facilitated by Rakuten Viki, allowed fans to connect with the stars. Jang Nara expressed interest in diverse collaborations, leaving fans eager for their future ventures beyond on-screen couples.

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On February 14, beloved stars Jang Nara and Son Ho Jun, known for their on-screen chemistry in “Go Back Couple,” engaged in a heartwarming live interview hosted by global OTT platform Rakuten Viki. The duo, reuniting after six years in the drama “My Happy Ending,” shared insights, behind-the-scenes anecdotes, and thoughts on their latest collaboration with fans worldwide.

Rekindling On-Screen Magic:

Son Ho Jun, expressing joy, highlighted the exceptional experience of working with Jang Nara again, emphasizing the trust he placed in her. The actor praised Jang Nara’s flexible acting, contributing to the duo’s on-screen success.

Comfort and Enjoyment:

Jang Nara echoed the sentiment, describing the reunion as comfortable and enjoyable. Acting as a couple in a fresh narrative brought a fun dynamic to their collaboration. She expressed interest in future projects where they could explore different roles, suggesting the possibility of meeting as colleagues or rivals.

Global Interaction:

The live event, facilitated by Rakuten Viki, allowed fans worldwide to engage by submitting questions. The stars graciously answered queries, fostering a meaningful connection with their international fan base.

Reflecting on “My Happy Ending”:

The duo delved into their roles, sharing insights into playing a couple in a completely different storyline. Son Ho Jun’s repeated emphasis on the project’s excellence and Jang Nara’s appreciation for the unique atmosphere hinted at the success of “My Happy Ending.”

Anticipation for Future Collaborations:

Jang Nara expressed a desire for future collaborations beyond the realm of on-screen couples, suggesting the excitement of exploring different dynamics. Fans are left eagerly anticipating what these talented actors have in store for their next venture.

This engaging interview provided fans with a delightful glimpse into the camaraderie between Jang Nara and Son Ho Jun, reaffirming their status as a beloved on-screen pair.