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Kim So Jung And IKon’s Chan Woo Starring In Horror Romantic Comedy

Kim So Jung and iKon’s Jung Chan Woo have been paired opposite each other in the new horror romantic comedy  “Chilling Cohabitation.” Earlier, on September 30, Kim So Jung’s agency IOK announced that she has been cast as the main character Jeong Se Ri in the cinematic ‘Chilling Cohabitation.’

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The movie is about Jeong Se Ri (Kim So Jung), who can see ghosts due to some special ability, and Song Ji Chan ( Jung Chan Woo) who becomes a ghost after an accident. The two characters meet and gradually start living together. 

‘Chilling Cohabitation’ is a Cinerama, which means a part of both cinema and drama. The horror romantic comedy is filled with rich emotional drama. 

Even though Jeong Se Ri is leading a difficult life as she has the special ability to see ghosts, she never loses her bright side. And on the contrary Song Ji Chan is a selfish character, but with a righteous side. Song eventually develops a warm heart after meeting Jeong. 

The Cinerama also stars Kim Ye Ji, Lee Yoo Jin, Lee Joong Mun, Song Young Sook, Park Sang Hoo, and Joo Soo Kyung as supporting characters. This horror romantic comedy is even more special to Kim So Jung as it is her acting debut. 

The movie version of ‘Chilling Cohabitation ‘ is set to be released in the first half of 2022, and the drama version will be released on YouTube and other online platforms.