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“Knight Flower” Cast Expresses Gratitude and Bid Farewell After Record-Breaking Finale : Report

After the captivating finale of MBC’s historical drama “Knight Flower” on February 17, lead actors, including Honey Lee, express heartfelt farewells and gratitude for the overwhelming viewer support. The series achieved its highest ratings and a historic milestone for MBC’s Friday-Saturday dramas.

Lee Ki Woo, in his debut historical role, anticipates a positive impact on his future career. Park Se Hyun, portraying Yeon Sun, expresses gratitude, foreseeing the drama as a timeless source of inspiration for viewers during challenging times. The cast collectively thanks the audience, hoping “Knight Flower” remains a cherished and refreshing memory.

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Feb 20, 2024 – E. Ezeji

After the gripping conclusion of MBC’s historical action-comedy drama, “Knight Flower,” lead actors share heartfelt messages as they bid farewell to viewers. The show, set in the Joseon era, stars Honey Lee as Jo Yeo Hwa, a virtuous widow leading a secret double life. The finale, which aired on February 17, not only achieved the highest viewership ratings in the series but also marked a historic milestone for MBC’s Friday-Saturday dramas.

Gratitude Amid Success:

Honey Lee, who portrayed the lead character, expressed deep gratitude for the overwhelming love received throughout the series. Lee Jong Won and Kim Sang Joong shared their reflections on the filming process, emphasizing the joy and lasting memories.

Impactful Debut:

Lee Ki Woo, in his first historical drama in a 20-year acting career, believes “Knight Flower” will positively influence his future endeavors. He credits the show for sparking his interest and courage to explore new roles, foreseeing a lasting impact on his career.

Memorable Chemistry:

Park Se Hyun, who portrayed Yeon Sun, expressed gratitude for the viewers’ love and highlighted the enduring nature of “Knight Flower.” She believes the drama will serve as a source of inspiration and comfort during challenging times.

In their final farewells, the cast collectively thanked the audience for their support, expressing hope that “Knight Flower” will be remembered as a delightful and refreshing drama, leaving a fragrant imprint on the hearts of viewers.