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Kris Wu To Face Severe Punishment Over Rape Charges In China: Reports

Chinese state media reported that the Chinese Communist Party will set an example using Pop-Star Kris Wu’s case, who has been accused of sexual abuse and rape. According to media outlets, Kris Wu will face severe punishment upon conviction. His case will be set as a reminder that fame and money can’t escape punishment.

With so much attention given to the scandal involving the former EXO member, the Communist Party of China has decided to make this case an example, especially for teenagers. Chinese authorities believe that pop-stars like Kris Wu have a huge influence on people and letting them go will convey a bad message.

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What is Kris Wu Sex Scandal?

Kris Wu was one of the biggest names in China at the time of the accusation and his sex scandal has erupted a #MeToo movement in China. The Chinese Government used his detention to send a message that everyone is equal under the law.

The first to accuse him was a 19-year-old student, Du Meizhu, who said he had assaulted her while she was drunk and claims to have known of eight such victims, including minors.

Who Is Kris Wu?

Kris Wu is a Chinese-Canadian singer, and songwriter. He started his career as a member of Chinese-South Korean boy band EXO. He is now a solo artist and actor in Mainland China. He was detained by Bejing police on rape allegations.