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Lee Sang Yeob’s Agency Responds to Wedding Reports, Emphasizes Privacy

UB Management Group, Lee Sang Yeob’s agency, has issued a succinct statement in response to recent reports circulating about the actor’s wedding. The agency seeks to shed light on certain aspects while underlining the paramount importance of maintaining Lee Sang Yeob’s privacy amidst public curiosity.

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Wedding Details Unveiled by Reports:

According to a January 31 report by OSEN, Lee Sang Yeob and his fiancée are reportedly planning to exchange vows in a private ceremony at a Jamsil hotel in Seoul on Sunday, March 24. Additionally, the report suggests that the actor has personally extended wedding invitations to his close celebrity colleagues.

Agency’s Confirmation and Reservation:

UB Management Group confirmed the impending marriage, acknowledging that Lee Sang Yeob is indeed scheduled to get married in March. Despite this confirmation, the agency underscored the challenge of providing specific details about the date and venue. This cautious approach stems from the agency’s recognition of the private nature of the actor’s personal life.

Maintaining Privacy Amidst Public Interest:

In an announcement made back in September 2023, Lee Sang Yeob initially revealed his plans to marry his non-celebrity girlfriend. As public interest grew, the agency’s response aims to strike a delicate balance, addressing speculation while safeguarding the actor’s privacy regarding intimate details of his upcoming wedding.

This carefully articulated statement from Lee Sang Yeob’s agency aims to provide clarity on certain matters while honoring the actor’s wish for discretion, particularly when it comes to significant life events such as his impending marriage.

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