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Life Within High Wall: Video Goes Viral After Kris Wu’s Detention

Sichuan prison administration has released a 30- seconds short video depicting the life of prisoner’s, which has gone viral in no time.

Neitizens have connected the video to the recent detention of popular Chinese-Canadian singer Kris Wu, on suspicion of rape.

Neitizens have viewed the video more than 100 million times amid the controversy surrounding Kris Wu and his sentence, if convicted.

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The video shows prisoners asking themselves three questions in the morning: “Who are you? Why are you here? What are you here for?” In just a 30-second video, it is shown how the inmates survive, get training and develop new skills and education.

It further reveals how prisoners learn the social norms and legal system of the country. In no time, “Life within high walls” became the most searched phrase in Chinese social media.

The first to accuse Kris Wu was 19-year-old student Du Meizhu, who said he had assaulted her while she was drunk and claims to have known of eight such victims.