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Man Sues Nirvana For Using His Naked Photo When He Was 4 Month Old

A man, who is 30-year-old now, is suing music Nirvana for using his naked photo when he was 4-month-old infant. Spencer Elden, 30, was photographed naked as a baby on the album cover of Nirvana’s Nevermind. The man, all grown-up now, is filing a suit against band alleging sexual exploitation. Spencer also claims the nude image represents Child Pornography. The cover shows Elden as a four month old in a swimming pool, puportedly greedy for a dollar bill that is being swing on a fishing line in front of him.

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The photograph reveals Spencer’s intimate body parts and his genitals. Elden says his parents never signed release giving permission to use his image on the album.

Robert Y Lewis, the lawyer for Elden, argues that the insertion of dollar bill in the image makes the boy look seems like a sex worker. The legal case also claimed that Nirvana had sworn to cover Eden’s genitals with stickers, but it was not upheld. Elden has recreated the album many times as a teenage and adult, wearing swimming trunks at Nevermind 10th, 20th and 25th anniversary.

Elden alleges that his true identity and name is forever bind to commercial sexual exploitation and his experience as an infant to the present day will cause him lifelong damage which he continues to suffer. He is asking for damages of $150,000 from each of the 15 litigant. The representatives of Nirvana are yet to respond to the claims.