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“Marry My Husband” Hits All-Time High with Double Digit Ratings, Surpassing Previous Records: Report

TVN’s “Marry My Husband” clinched a significant victory, hitting a record-breaking 10.7% nationwide viewership in its latest episode—a 0.9% surge from the previous installment. This surpasses rival KBS2’s “Love Song for Illusion,” which experienced a decline to 1.7%. The remarkable success of “Marry My Husband” reflects both consistent growth and viewer loyalty, solidifying its status as a leading force in television dramas. Congratulations to the dedicated team for this outstanding achievement.

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In a remarkable triumph for tvN’s hit drama series “Marry My Husband,” the latest episode achieved an outstanding nationwide viewership rating of 10.7 percent, marking a substantial 0.9 percent increase from its previous episode.

The show’s success outshines KBS2’s “Love Song for Illusion,” which experienced a decline in ratings for episode 9, dropping from 2.4 percent to 1.7 percent. This milestone reflects the unwavering popularity and viewer engagement with the captivating storyline of “Marry My Husband.”

Record-Breaking Episode:

Episode 10 of “Marry My Husband” set a new benchmark with an impressive 10.7 percent average nationwide viewership rating, surpassing all previous records for the series.

Continuous Growth:
The 0.9 percent increase from the previous episode’s rating of 9.8 percent demonstrates the show’s consistent growth in audience appeal and engagement.

Competitive Landscape:

In comparison, KBS2’s “Love Song for Illusion” faced a dip in ratings, securing only a 1.7 percent average nationwide rating for episode 9, down from the previous episode’s 2.4 percent.

Congratulations to the Team:

The cast and crew of “Marry My Husband” deserve hearty congratulations for their outstanding achievement, solidifying the drama’s status as a viewer favorite.

Viewer Loyalty and Captivating Storyline:

The soaring ratings underline the strong connection between the audience and the compelling narrative of “Marry My Husband,” showcasing the viewer loyalty and the show’s ability to keep audiences hooked.

In summary, “Marry My Husband” has not only achieved a remarkable double-digit milestone but has also demonstrated consistent growth, positioning itself as a frontrunner in the competitive realm of television dramas. The show’s success is a testament to its engaging storyline and the dedication of its talented cast and crew.