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Mnet’s “Build Up” Vocal Boy Group Survival Show Reveals Powerhouse Judge Lineup

Mnet’s revolutionary “Build Up: Vocal Boy Group Survivor” is poised to revolutionize K-pop by assembling a stellar vocal boy group. Hosted by Lee Da Hee, the show boasts a diverse lineup of talented contestants from various musical backgrounds. The excitement peaked with the revelation of a star-studded judging panel, including Lee Seok Hoon, Baekho, Eunkwang, Solar, and Wendy, renowned for their vocal prowess. The judges promise not just critique but also legendary performances, fostering unparalleled chemistry. Premiering in the first half of 2024, “Build Up” anticipates redefining vocal excellence in the K-pop landscape.

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In a groundbreaking move, Mnet is set to launch “Build Up: Vocal Boy Group Survivor,” a thrilling vocal competition to unearth the next big thing in the K-pop scene. With a lineup of talented contestants from diverse musical backgrounds, the show aims to assemble an unparalleled vocal boy group. Hosted by Lee Da Hee, the anticipation soared when PENTAGON’s Yeo One and members from esteemed groups like BDC, VANNER, UP10TION, and more were revealed as participants. Now, the excitement escalates with the announcement of a star-studded judge lineup, promising a show of unmatched talent and expertise.

Vocal Virtuosos Take the Helm

Mnet’s “Build Up” has secured a judging dream team, featuring Lee Seok Hoon, Baekho, BTOB’s Eunkwang, MAMAMOO’s Solar, and Red Velvet’s Wendy. Renowned for their exceptional vocal prowess, these industry icons bring a wealth of experience, having previously showcased their mentorship and production skills on popular survival programs.

A Symphony of Expertise

Lee Seok Hoon, celebrated for his mentorship on “Boys Planet,” stands as a beacon of guidance. Eunkwang, wowing audiences as a producer on “MEGA Karaoke Survival VS,” adds a unique touch. Baekho, Solar, and Wendy, main vocalists of their respective groups, lend their undeniable charm and solo artistry to the mix. The judge lineup promises not just critique but also legendary vocal performances, creating an electric atmosphere of skill and intuition.

High Expectations for Unparalleled Chemistry

The production team expresses their honor in uniting these five luminaries known for their skills and intuition. Beyond their discerning judgment, the judges are expected to establish unparalleled chemistry with the contestants, setting the stage for unforgettable vocal performances. As they bring their collective expertise to the show, “Build Up” is poised to redefine the standards of vocal excellence.

“Build Up” is scheduled to premiere in the first half of 2024, promising viewers an immersive experience into the world of vocal talent and musical mastery. Stay tuned for updates as Mnet unveils the next chapter in the evolution of K-pop through this exciting vocal boy group survival show.