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MONSTA X’s Shownu Announces Enlisting In Military

MONSTA X’s Shownu today revealed that he will soon join military duties, i.e. taking a hiatus from the music career. “I will do my best to repay you, so please continue to have fun with MONSTA X and Shownu,” Shwonu said while announcing the news.

Shownu said that he will enlist in the military from July 22. The pop start will undergo basic training for three weeks. He will later fulfil the rest of his mandatory military service.

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Shownu wrote a long note and appealed to his fans to stay with the band, MONSTA X. “Hello, how are you doing? This is MONSTA X’s Shownu….,” he said in the beginning of his post.

“As I worked hard until now, I have experienced both joy and hardship and various meaningful moments with the members and the fans. The love and support that I’ve received from fans is not just the love between one person and another, but something much bigger than that,” he wrote in the long letter.