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Pakistani Actress Mahira Khan Faces Flak For Promoting Abuse Marriages

A well known Pakistani actress Mahira Khan has recently faced huge criticism for her role as a mentally tortured woman in a daily soap drama. Pakistani woman activists claimed that Mahira Khan is glorifying emotionally abusive marriages through her role. “She’s a great actress and an icon in our country. We want and expect much, much better from her,” activist Kanwal Ahmed wrote on Twitter.

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The activist believes that Mahira Khan, who has been playing a lead in Urdu-Hindi daily drama soap- ‘Humsafar’ on a Pakistani channel, is promoting a wrong narrative about the marriages among the people. According to her, the drama with the highest ratings in Pakistan is promoting—how to stay calm and silent in emotional abusive marriages. She said the daily soap is spreading the wrong message in society.

Kanwal Ahmed, who is also an entrepreneur, said in her tweet that Mahira Khan knows and acknowledges the damage caused by regressive content that romanticizes abuse. Yet she repeatedly takes on roles that strengthen that same problematic narrative.