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Renowned Actor Oh Young Soo Steps Down from “Big Family” Film Amid Legal Controversy; Lee Soon Jae Takes Over : Report

Renowned actor Oh Young Soo has withdrawn from the film “Big Family,” with Lotte Entertainment announcing Lee Soon Jae as his replacement. This unexpected move follows legal allegations against Oh Young Soo for inappropriate conduct in 2017, leading to a prosecution request for a one-year prison term. The film, directed by Yang Woo Seok, centers on a dumpling restaurant owner portrayed by Kim Yun Seok. Oh Young Soo’s departure adds intrigue, given his acclaimed career, including a Golden Globe win for “Squid Game,” and fans await updates on both legal proceedings and the film’s new direction.

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Renowned actor Oh Young Soo has officially stepped down from the upcoming film “Big Family,” leaving audiences in anticipation of his replacement. The unexpected announcement was made by Lotte Entertainment on February 5, citing the accomplished Lee Soon Jae as the replacement for the film helmed by director Yang Woo Seok.

Legal Controversy Surrounding Oh Young Soo:

In the wake of legal turmoil, Oh Young Soo faces accusations of inappropriate physical contact dating back to 2017. Despite denying the charges during the prosecution’s investigation, recent developments reveal a prosecution request for a one-year prison sentence on charges of indecent assault. A sentencing hearing is scheduled for March 15, adding a layer of complexity to his departure from “Big Family.”

Big Family” Plot and Cast:

Directed by Yang Woo Seok, known for hits like “The Attorney” and “Steel Rain,” “Big Family” weaves a heartwarming tale around the owner of a dumpling restaurant, Pyeong Man Ok, played by Kim Yun Seok. The narrative unfolds as cute grandchildren visit, grappling with the impending closure of the family business due to his son’s monastic path. The star-studded cast includes Lee Seung Gi and Kang Han Na.

Oh Young Soo’s Respected Career and “Squid Game” Success:

Recognized for his role as Oh Il Nam in the globally acclaimed Netflix series “Squid Game,” where he portrayed a character battling a brain tumor, Oh Young Soo secured the Best Supporting Actor award at the 2022 Golden Globe Awards. His departure from “Big Family” marks a significant turn in his illustrious career, leaving fans curious about the unfolding legal proceedings and the film’s revised dynamics with Lee Soon Jae taking the reins.