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S9F Band Members Hwiyoung And Chani Fined Over Covid-19 Rules

South Korean boy band ‘Sensational Feeling 92’ (popularly known as SF9) members have been convicted for violating the social distancing rules set by the South Korean government. Hwiyoung and Chani, who are the youngest members of the band, were booked for the violation after they were found in a pub in Gangnam-gu, Seoul that was operating past the allowed timings by the federal government.

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The police authority was dispatched to the scene after receiving numerous complaints that the pub was entertaining clients post the mandated closing time. On arriving at the scene, police found the main entrance of the building closed. After failing to try to get the business staff to open the door, the police entered the building forcefully with the help of firefighters.

The police has arrested a total of 15 people at the bar including the two members of the band. All the individuals have been booked for violating the rules. The 15 people include customers and employees of the bar.

The boy dance band’s managing agency FNC Entertainment has responded to the reports and has confirmed the news. It has apologised for the negligence on the part of the members and promises to follow the rules thoroughly in the coming future.

“We have confirmed that our artists violated the social distancing rules. We deeply apologize for our negligence in the management. We will thoroughly manage our artists and prepare countermeasures to prevent the same thing from happening again.” They wrote.