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SONAMOO’s D.ana Announces Her Exit From The Group

D.ana today announced her exit from the girl group SONAMOO, formed by TS Entertainment. The group originally consisted of seven members, however, Sumin and Nahyun left the group after filing a lawsuit to terminate the contract with the label. Last week, SONAMOO’s other three members—Euijin, Newsun, and Minjae left the group after their contract expired. The K-pop girl group made its debut in December 2014.

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D.ana took to SONAMOO’s official Instagram account to announce her departure. She apologised to the group’s fans for not sharing the good news, who had waited and cheered for the band for so long. 

She thanked SolBangOol for all the love and support. Further adding that when she was a trainee or made her debut with SANAMOO, she always had fears and worries, however with the support and love of many people, she was able to share happiness.

She apologised for SONAMOO’s promotion coming to an end, while she said she will always cherish and remember the precious moments. D.ana further revealed that right now she is tying the loose ends. She asked the fans to keep supporting her. 

Earlier, in January 2021, TS Entertainment privately shut down and deleted its official website, leaving the group’s fate hanging in the air.