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South Korean Singer Soyou Signs With New Agency

South Korean singer Soyou has officially signed with Big Planet Made as her new agency. In an official statement, the label announced that they have exclusively signed a contract with Soyou. The label, which is a startup agency, stated that they have successfully made their first step by recruiting vocalist Soyou as its first artist.

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Soyou also took to her Instagram account to share the news with her fans. She announced the news and also shared profile photos she took with Big Planet Made. “After leaving Starship Entertainment that I’ve been with for a long time, I joined a new agency called BPM Entertainment,” she wrote.

Soyou promised to return with lots of activities and said she will continue to give good energy to her fans who had always sent her a lot of love and support. She asked her fans to keep on supporting her.

Earlier this month, she announced her exit from Starship Entertainment, who she has been with for 11 years. The agency also released a statement declaring that the artist has decided not to renew the contract leading to its termination. Soyou first debuted in the girl group SISTAR in August 2011 and then as a solo artist in September 2017.