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Success Takes Flight as “Knight Flower” Hits Record Ratings; “Flex X Cop” Premieres Strong : Report

MBC’s “Knight Flower” surged to a peak, achieving an impressive 11.4 percent nationwide rating on January 26, highlighting Honey Lee and Lee Jong Won’s compelling performances. Simultaneously, SBS’s “Flex x Cop” made a notable debut, surpassing its forerunner “My Demon” with a strong 5.7 percent premiere rating, compared to the latter’s 4.5 percent start. The dynamic success of both dramas underscores their significant impact on the television landscape.

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In a triumph for MBC’s latest offering, the action-comedy drama “Knight Flower” reached new heights on January 26, securing its highest nationwide viewership ratings at an impressive 11.4 percent.

Honey Lee and Lee Jong Won’s stellar performances continue to captivate audiences. Simultaneously, SBS’s “Flex x Cop” faced tough competition but debuted on a promising note, outpacing its predecessor “My Demon” with a strong 5.7 percent for its inaugural episode, compared to the latter’s 4.5 percent start.

1. “Knight Flower” Reigns Supreme:

MBC’s action-comedy drama “Knight Flower” starring Honey Lee and Lee Jong Won attained its peak viewership, achieving an average nationwide rating of 11.4 percent during its fifth episode. The show’s popularity soars, affirming its status as a crowd-pleaser.

2. “Flex X Cop” Premieres with Impact:

SBS’s latest drama “Flex x Cop,” featuring Ahn Bo Hyun and Park Ji Hyun, made a strong entrance into the competitive landscape, garnering a promising 5.7 percent in nationwide ratings for its premiere episode. The series successfully outshone its predecessor, “My Demon,” which started with a 4.5 percent average rating.