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TVING’s Fantasy Romance ‘A Week Before I Die’ Unveils Stellar Cast Lineup : Report

TVING’s upcoming fantasy romance drama, “A Week Before I Die,” boasts a stellar cast led by Kim Min Ha and Gong Myung. The series follows 24-year-old Jung Hee Wan, played by Kim Min Ha, as she, struggling with social withdrawal, reunites with childhood friend Kim Ram Woo, portrayed by Gong Myung, now a grim reaper. The ensemble, including Jung Gun Joo and Oh Woo Ri, promises a captivating mix of fantasy, romance, and familial bonds. Viewers eagerly await the drama’s release.

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Gong Myung and Kim Min Ha Lead an Ensemble Featuring Jung Gun Joo, Oh Woo Ri, and More”

In a recent announcement, TVING has confirmed an impressive cast for its upcoming fantasy romance drama, “A Week Before I Die.” The series, based on a novel, revolves around 24-year-old Jung Hee Wan, portrayed by Kim Min Ha, who, struggling with social withdrawal, encounters her childhood friend and first love, Kim Ram Woo, played by Gong Myung, now a grim reaper. Together, they embark on an extraordinary bucket list in the final week before her impending demise.

Adding depth to the narrative, Jung Gun Joo takes on the role of Lee Hong Seok, Kim Ram Woo’s best friend and avid board game enthusiast. Oh Woo Ri portrays Yoon Tae Kyung, Jung Hee Wan’s adorable foodie best friend and soulmate. Go Chang Suk steps into the shoes of Jung Il Bum, Jung Hee Won’s father, a single dad running a small restaurant while raising his two daughters.

Further enriching the storyline is Seo Young Hee, who embodies Kim Jung Sook, Kim Ram Woo’s mother, having sacrificed her painting career to dedicate her life to protecting her son. This ensemble promises a compelling blend of fantasy, romance, and familial bonds, making “A Week Before I Die” a highly anticipated drama for viewers.