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TVING’s New Drama ‘LTNS’ Unveils Esom’s Intriguing Role as Hotel Concierge Turned Spy

TVING’s anticipated drama, “LTNS,” follows the tumultuous journey of a married couple, grappling with a passionless marriage and financial woes. Esom, in the lead as Woo Jin, a hotel concierge with hidden depths, embarks on a unique path. Using unconventional tactics, Woo Jin delves into the secrets of cheating couples, intertwining their fate with her own struggles, promising a riveting narrative of love, betrayal, and unconventional choices.

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TVING’s highly anticipated drama, “LTNS,” delves into the complexities of a married couple’s life as they navigate through a sexless marriage and financial struggles. Esom takes on the lead role of Woo Jin, a seemingly cold but hot-blooded woman working as a hotel concierge. As the couple faces hardships, Woo Jin resorts to unconventional means to revive their lives, intertwining their fate with the secrets of cheating couples.

Plot Overview:

“LTNS” revolves around a married couple experiencing the aftermath of a passionless marriage, financial hardship, and childlessness. To overcome their challenges, they resort to blackmailing couples engaged in extramarital affairs, leading to a reflection on their own broken relationship.

Esom’s Character – Woo Jin:

Esom portrays Woo Jin, a determined woman with a facade of coldness but a fiery spirit within. Having put herself through college and landing a job at a hotel, Woo Jin grapples with anger management. Her life takes a turn when she marries Samuel (Ahn Jae Hong), but five years into their marriage, they find themselves in dire straits.

Transformation Behind the Front Desk:

In one revealed still, Woo Jin appears visibly worn out as she maintains a customer service smile at the hotel’s front desk. However, the plot takes an intriguing turn as she transforms into a spy-like character after work, capturing the misdeeds of adulterous couples with her phone.

Motivation for Espionage:

Frustrated with the adulterous couples frequenting her workplace and the stagnant state of her own marriage, Woo Jin decides to take matters into her own hands. By secretly filming cheating couples, she aims to turn their lives around and address the issues plaguing her relationship.

Cast Dynamics:

Esom’s portrayal of Woo Jin is complemented by the inclusion of Samuel (Ahn Jae Hong) in their tumultuous marriage. The dynamics between the characters promise a gripping narrative that explores love, betrayal, and the consequences of desperate actions.

LTNS” promises to be a compelling drama that combines elements of romance, suspense, and self-discovery as Esom’s character navigates the challenging terrain of love, fidelity, and the consequences of unconventional choices.