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ZEROBASEONE’s Kim Ji Woong Denies Allegations of Cursing During Fan Signing Video Call : Report

ZEROBASEONE’s Kim Ji Woong faces controversy as an anonymous accuser alleges he used inappropriate language during a fan signing video call on February 2. The user, posting on X, shared videos suggesting disrespectful behavior from the artist. WAKEONE Entertainment promptly denied the claims after consulting with Kim Ji Woong and on-site staff, vowing to investigate thoroughly using digital media forensics to protect the artist’s reputation amid the unfolding controversy.

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ZEROBASEONE’s Kim Ji Woong faces controversy as an anonymous individual accuses him of using inappropriate language during a video call fan signing event. The allegations surfaced on February 2 when a video circulated, capturing what seemed to be a farewell curse in Korean.

The accuser, posting on X, raised concerns about the artist’s behavior and shared another video claiming Kim Ji Woong displayed disrespectful attitudes from the call’s onset. WAKEONE Entertainment promptly responded, denying the allegations and pledging to investigate thoroughly.

Allegations Surface:

On February 2, an anonymous user posted a video on X, alleging that Kim Ji Woong cursed at the conclusion of a fan signing video call. The user questioned the appropriateness of such language in interactions with fans and sought opinions from ZEROSE, ZEROBASEONE’s fandom.

Accuser’s Claims:

The accuser posted a second video claiming that Kim Ji Woong exhibited a dismissive attitude from the start of the call, expressing disappointment in the artist’s behavior. The fan argued that paying for such interactions should not result in discomfort or negative experiences.

WAKEONE Entertainment’s Response:

WAKEONE Entertainment swiftly addressed the allegations, asserting that after consulting with Kim Ji Woong, the claims were found to be untrue. The agency also verified the account with the employee and translator present during the fan call. To ensure an unbiased investigation, WAKEONE announced plans to employ various methods, including digital media forensics, to determine the truth and safeguard their artist’s reputation.