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New Poll Reveals Donald Trump Leading Joe Biden by 10 Points in 2024 Presidential Matchup: Report

In a recent poll for the 2024 presidential matchup, Donald Trump is reported to be leading Joe Biden by a significant margin of 10...

“Putin Is Smart”: Trump Praises Russian President’s Action Against Ukraine

Former US President Donald Trump has lashed out at President Joe Biden as Russia has invaded Ukraine and praised Russian President Vladimir Putin’s offensive...

Donald Trump’s Daughter Tiffany Gets Engaged On His Last Day In Office

Tiffany Trump has announced she is engaged to her long-term boyfriend Michael Boulous, one day before her father leaves office.

Outgoing Trump Blacklists 9 Chinese Companies Including Xiaomi

Trump, who has always been in an anti-China mood, blacklisted China’s nine major companies, including the largest smartphone company Xiaomi

Trump Announces State Of Emergency Ahead Of Biden’s Inauguration

Donald Trump has imposed a state of emergency in the national capital Washington DC. According to reports, the emergency was imposed in order to avoid further violence in the city.

10 PICS: Here Is Everything You Need To Know About Capitol Hill Breach

Donald Trump's supporters attacked the US capitol - the main parliament building where the senate and the House Of Representatives is situated - on a day when the transition of power ceremony was supposed to be held in the country.

Selena Gomez Hits Out At Social Media Giants For Not Taking Action Against Trump

Selena Gomez slammed social media giants for not taking appropriate action against US President Donald Trump.

Trump Concedes Defeat, Pledges Orderly Transition Of Power

US President Donald Trump has conceded his defeat and pledged the orderly transition of power on Thursday.

“A Beautiful Sight”: China Mocks US Democracy After Trump Supporters Seize Capitol Hill

China has mocked US democracy after Donald Trump’s violent supporters took over the Capitol Hill and smashed the entire building in order to reject Joe Biden’s election victory

VIDEO: 4 dead, Over 50 Arrested After Pro-Trump-Rioters Ransack US Parliament

At least 4 people have died and more than 50 have been arrested during the violent clash between Donald Trump supporters and security officers.

Twitter, Facebook Suspend Donald Trump’s Account After Capitol Breach

Suspending Trump's social media accounts, Twitter and Facebook said that his posts are inciting the violence and raising baseless questions on the US electoral body.

VIDEO: Violent Donald Trump Supporters Vandalise US Capitol, Clash With Police

Trump's supporters, who want to overturn the election result, have created a ruckus in the US capitol hours after Trump made a speech, saying that "we will never accept the election result".