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Six Accused Finally Freed On Bail After Spending Weekend In Jail

The six accused who had to spend the weekend in lockup because their bailors did not show up were finally released on bail today....

Federal Court Denies Bail Counters Closed Early, Leaving Six Men In Jail

The Federal Court today refuted the claims of early closing of bail counters on Thursday due to which six men had to spend their...

28 Retired Judges, 7 Dependents File Lawsuit Over Pension Payment

A total of 28 retired judges and their 7 dependents have filed a lawsuit demanding adjustments to their pension payments. The group of 28...

Novak Djokovic Wins Court Battle Against Australia

Australia’s Federal Court on Monday overturned the Australian government’s move to cancel Tennis star Novak Djokovic’s visa following his Covid-19 vaccine status. The Court also asked Australian authorities to release world number Tennis player from Melbourne based immigration centre immediately, who was detained last week.

Court To Hear Sabah Assembly Dissolution Appeal On 8 December

The Federal Court has set 8 December 2020 to hear on a petition over Sabah state elections.