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Google’s 25th Birthday Celebrations Revealed by CEO Sundar Pichai: Report

Google's CEO Sundar Pichai has unveiled exciting plans for the company's 25th birthday celebrations. While details remain scarce, Pichai hinted at a series of...

Black Female Workers Say They Face Mistreatment At Google

Several Black female employees have claimed that they have faced discrimination and mistreatment at the workplace at California based Google. Sharing experience with the...

Google, Facebook, Twitter Ask Muhyiddin Yassin To Reinstate Foreign Ship Cable Waiver: Report

Tech giants Google, Facebook and Twitter have urged Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin to reinstate an exception for the foreign ships to conduct their submarine cables repair work in the nation.

Google, Twitter And Facebook Threaten To Leave Pakistan Over New Content Rules

Global tech giants Facebook, Twitter, Google and many others have threatened Imran Khan-led Pakistan to leave the country over the new censorship law, allowing local authorities to regulate the social media sites and control the online content.