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Ceasefire Agreement Ends Israel-Hamas Conflict : Report

The Israel-Hamas conflict sees a breakthrough as both parties agree to a ceasefire, marking a pivotal moment in diplomatic efforts. The Kremlin hails it...

Palestinian-American Boy Fatally Stabbed in Anti-Muslim Hate Crime Linked to Israel-Hamas Conflict: Report

A Palestinian-American boy was tragically fatally stabbed in what appears to be an anti-Muslim hate crime. The incident is believed to be connected to...

Joe Biden’s Stance on Israel-Hamas War and Ongoing Conflict in Gaza: Report

In the latest developments surrounding the Israel-Hamas conflict, U.S. President Joe Biden has emphasized the need for eliminating Hamas militants while also advocating for...

Israel-Hamas Conflict Raises Concerns of Spillover into Iran; Market Experts Monitor the Situation : Report

The Israel-Hamas conflict has sparked worries of potential spillover into Iran, leading market experts to closely track the situation. Tensions in the Middle East...