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Sriwijaya Crash: 4 Months Pregnant Woman And Family Feared Dead

A four months pregnant woman, Ratih Windania, was feared dead along with her five members of the family after the Indonesian flight Sriwijaya air crashed

Sriwijaya Air Crashed: Five Members Of A Family, Including 7-Month-Old Baby, Feared Dead

Five members of a family, who belonged to Bangka island, are missing and feared dead.

Sriwijaya Air Plane Crashed: Here are 5 Horrifying Pictures

The rescue team has discovered body parts, pieces of clothing and scraps of metal from the Java Sea.

Sriwijaya Air Crashed: Divers Find Parts, Debris Of Plane In Java Sea

The search team continued their efforts to locate the wreckage of the Sriwijaya Air plane since yesterday, which crashed into the sea minutes after taking off from Indonesia's capital Jakarta.

Hundreds Of Protesters Arrested Over New Job Law in Jakarta

At least 400 people were arrested in Indonesia's capital Jakarta on Thursday at a protest over a controversial law that critics say will harm jobs and the environment.