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Jail Next Stop For Illi Najwa? Girl Who Married Indian Hockey Captain May Face Strict Action

Johor woman Illi Najwa Saddique can be in trouble for marrying her Indian Sikh boyfriend Manpreet Singh Pawar.

Illi Najwa-Manpreet Singh Wedding Row: Johor’s JAINJ Urges Muslims To Remain Calm

JAINJ has urged all Muslims to remain calm and let the department investigate over the religious status of Illi Najwa Saddique.

I Never Changed My Name And Religion, Says Illi Najwa: Reports

Recently the couple had tied the knot at Gurudwara in India.

Did Manpreet Singh Convert To Islam To Marry Illi Najwa? Here’s What We Know So Far

some reports are claiming that Manpreet Singh has converted to Islam in order to marry Illi Saddique.

Politics Apart! These 10 Photos Of Illi Najwa And Manpreet Singh Prove Love’s Theory Beyond Religion

Keeping aside the ongoing politics, the couple looked beautiful together and Manpreet in a statement confirmed Illi will be staying with him in Punjab, India.