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Success Takes Flight as “Knight Flower” Hits Record Ratings; “Flex X Cop” Premieres Strong : Report

MBC's "Knight Flower" surged to a peak, achieving an impressive 11.4 percent nationwide rating on January 26, highlighting Honey Lee and Lee Jong Won's...

Song Kang’s Meteoric Rise: Unveiling the Enigma Behind “My Demon” Star

In the dynamic realm of Korean dramas, a new luminary has ascended – Song Kang. Born on April 23, 1994, in Daejeon, South Korea,...

Enchanting Tango Unveiled in “My Demon” as Song Kang and Kim Yoo Jung’s Characters Ignite Romance

SBS's "My Demon" takes a thrilling turn as Do Do Hee (Kim Yoo Jung) and Jung Gu Won (Song Kang) navigate a fantasy rom-com,...